Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Miss Hawaii USA & Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2009

Miss Hawaii USA 2009 Aureana Tseu
1st runner-up: Renee Nobriga
2nd runner-up: Kawena Chun
3rd runner-up: Blake Schaeffer
4th runner-up: Zeina Jafar
Top 10: Noelani Kau'i, Aatila Tanaka, Malia Schneider, Wainani Hansen, Leilani Sharpe.
Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2009 - Ashley Mosher
1st runner-up: Brianna Acosta
2nd runner-up: Cerise Marchan
3rd runner-up: Julianne Chu
4th runner-up: Caitlin Andrade
Top 10: Mary Lindsey, Brittany Atiburcio, Samantha Sprague, Courtney Miyaguchi, Shiulina Wu.
Miss Hawaii History :
The Miss Hawaii USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state of Hawaii in the Miss USA pageant.
Hawaiʻi is the most recent state to start competing at Miss USA, as they first competed in 1962. Prior to this delegates were sent to Miss Universe. Despite their late start, they have been one of the most successful states. There have been four Miss USA's from Hawaiʻi (Hawaiʻi is only one of two states to have had four Miss USA's). Their first winner (Macel Wilson came the first year they competed. In 1997, Brook Mahealani Lee won the Miss USA title, and became one of only seven women from the United States to win Miss Universe. Although they have had many Miss USA winners and many semi-finalists, relatively few women from Hawaiʻi have placed as runners-up.
Two titleholders previously competed at Miss Teen USA, one has competed at Miss World and one at Miss International. Kelly Hu, Miss Teen USA 1985, became the first Teen USA winner to win a Miss title, in 1993. In a rare occurrence, Miss Hawaii USA 2003 and 2004 are sisters.
Many Miss Hawaii USAs competed at a number of international pageants. Similar to the Miss South Carolina winners, there was one Miss Hawaii USA that competed at Miss International. Another one competed at Miss World. Four of the winners competed at Miss Universe, after winning Miss USA. Although all of the six titleholders represented the US or Hawaii at their international pageants, only one won the international crown. She is Miss Hawaii USA 1997, Brook Lee who won the Miss USA 1997 title and also won the Miss Universe 1997 crown.

Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2009